Essential Accessories for the Hilux 4WD

Tough, versatile, strong, and well-equipped, Toyota Hilux is one of the most popular UTEs in Australia for obvious reasons. It always provides the true value for money, reliability, and more importantly, the versatility that a pro-UTE-buyer expects from a 4WD. As a result, it is crowned as one of the most modified 4WDs. There is a huge market as well as an aftermarket for Hilux modifications and accessories, and the clients have a vast variety of options to choose from!

While this sounds handy, most people tend to make mistakes when they are trying out these accessories on their UTE. You can easily find most accessories off the shelf as well as online – from push bumpers to chassis extensions – but you should know how to buy them and what fits your ride the best. You should always make sure to get the right value for your money and this curated guide will list a few of the most essential accessories that can be ideal for your Hilux 4WD!

4WD Bulbar

A push bumper is a mandatory add-on for any 4WD and it can add more value as well as a better look to any UTE. To make things more interesting, you can find a vast variety of different push bumpers from different manufacturers. Frankly, a bull bar can add frontal protection while adding an extra fashion statement and in recent days, the latter has become the sole reason for most buyers. Whether it is a traditional, three-hoop bar or a hoop-less, lightweight bar, you will easily find heaps of different options.

Roof consoles

Interior modifications are as popular as exterior ones. For instance, roof consoles designed for 4WD have gained a lot of popularity in recent years due to two reasons. First, they add more functions and value to your ride, and second, they can make the interior look more sophisticated. Most of these products include a set of high-grade LED lights and drop-down locker boxes for additional storage. If you want the best experience and looks, go for a design that compliments Hilux seat covers. You can select from a huge variety!

Winches and nudge bars

4WDs are designed for rougher terrains and if you like driving off-road, you need to consider adding these to your UTE for enhanced frontal protection. Winches, however, can be quite pricey and you will not use them as often as you think unless your terrains are uneven and rough. In addition, nudge bars are needed if you are worried about animals or any other debris on the road. However, it is best to be well-equipped with these accessories simply because it is always better to be prepared than sorry.


Adding a canopy to a UTE is more personal. Some people use a canopy to properly store their camping gear while some tend to use it as a place for their pets to rest and travel during long trips. Either way, adding a canopy will add more value to your ride.

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