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Bevin Completes Sam Miranda South Coast Double

Steve Price | News |
World Tour bound Paddy Bevin has completed a remarkable double winning both the Tour of The Great South Coast and today the Sam Miranda Tour of King Valley. It’s been a...
Adelaide Car

Product review: Avanti ‘Shadow’

Neil Van Der Ploeg | News |
Avanti have two top end racing road bikes. The Corsa SL is the light weight climbing weapon of choice by the skinny men of Avanti Racing Team. The Corsa DR...
For those of you who haven't met Fraser- This is him!

Vandy’s Tour of Korea Diary – Stage 7

Neil Van Der Ploeg | News |
Well, we’re just changing ends in the 5th set. But instead of the standard chair and umbrella, we’re sitting in our allocated bus for the tour. Each team has one...
busan start line

Vandy’s Diary – Stage 7 PREport

Neil Van Der Ploeg | News |
I don’t know if the word “preport” exists. Well, the old red squiggly line is suggesting that it doesn’t, but we’ll run with it. Just to clarify: stage 7 has...