How to Pick the Best Bullbar: A Quick Guide?

While many 4×4 owners prioritize aesthetics over functionally this is definitely not the way to go when it comes to getting a new Bullbar. I’m not saying that the Bullbar shouldn’t add to the overall aesthetics of your car but the best Bullbar is a compromise between functionality and aesthetics.

A Bullbar has several other functions and muscling up your car is just one of them. The first and foremost function is the protection of the engine bay and the other components in the front of the car from collisions with animals and other objects. Other than that, a Bullbar can be used for mounting various accessories like antennas, sand flags, winch and driving lights.

When it comes to picking a Bullbar there are several factors to consider like the intended usage of your vehicle, the amount of load you plan on carrying, the accessories you plan on fitting etc. Apart from those factors you also need to pay close attention to the build and quality of the bar along with vehicle compatibility.

Here are 2 important things to think about before getting a Bullbar,

What Type of Material?

There are 3 types of materials used to make Bullbars. They are Steel, Plastic or Aluminium.

Out of these 3 types, it’s quite common knowledge that steel is the strongest type of material. Naturally, steel Bullbars are ideal for vehicles that drive in rough terrain or have a high chance of collision with a kangaroo in the outback for example.

Aluminium bars are made of metal alloys with aluminum as the main type of metal. In terms of strength, steel bars are stronger than alloy bars but alloy bars are much lighter. A lighter Bullbar will have a lesser effect on the overall handling of the car. They are also more resistant to corrosion when compared to steel bars.

Plastic Bullbars are much lighter than both steel and alloy bars but in terms of strength, there is a significant difference.

The Design

The design of the bar should depend on the intended usage of the vehicle. If you are planning on diving on rougher terrain, I suggest you’ll want to look out for more protection. If you’re a fan of rocky terrain then look out for Bullbars that provide outer tubes so that you can fit side steps and rails to protect the downsides as well.

If you are just looking for a bar so that you can mount accessories, then look for a bar that supports those accessories like winches. Bars with just the centre tube or one that mimics the tour bumper will work just fine.

No matter what designs you pick to make sure it is ADR compliant. AFN Bullbars are ADR compliant and high quality. Most of the Australian Brands are ADR compliant and unless your Bullbar is imported you do not have to worry about buying a non-ADR compliant bar.

The material and the design are the two main things you need to consider before getting a Bullbar. Everything else like aesthetics and price comes after. I believe the price should not be a factor when it’s regarding your personal safety. So always pick the best product even if it a bit over your budget.

Fitness Health

Three essential tips to know of when going on a fitness retreat

It is always important for an individual to look after his or her health accordingly; this allows one to live a great life without unnecessary worry over certain health problems. Being healthy does not simply mean that one must avoid consuming unhealthy food or drink as it is far deeper than this. If you are someone who wants to maintain your health and overall wellbeing, there are many different ways on how to do so and to know what they are is your duty.  Controlling a healthy diet can be known as one of such methods as well as exercising on a regular basis. However, in order to truly witness results, one must make sure to follow all such methods accordingly. For some people, however, it can be somewhat of a hassle to do so alongside his or her busy lifestyle hence making it almost impossible. For the benefit of such individuals and more, the most appropriate solution that has been introduced into the world is a fitness retreat program. These programs can be followed by all people however, when you want to engage in such an activity, here are three tips to know.

What are the benefits?

If you are unaware of how beneficial going on a fitness retreat is, you will be surprised to know the answer to this. There are over hundreds of people from around the world who participate in such retreats due to such advantages. If you are someone who feels discouraged when you are to maintain your fitness, you will experience more confidence and freedom at a retreat. These programs are being conducted in a manner that fits all kinds of individuals according to their health, weight, size, and more. Due to this reason, you will not have to face difficulty in finding an ideal retreat program for you as fitness experts will guide you through the process. A lot more attractive advantages await you at the best retreat program!

Find the most suitable agency

The only way how you could expect to enjoy a great retreat is if you find the right fitness agency. You must, therefore, consider the best health retreats Victoria programs as they are a professionally established fitness agency. The need to find such a service is a must as this will allow you a safe and secure journey towards a better fitness lifestyle. Though you are able to find various other services around your town today, only a professional retreat program is guaranteed to provide you with the results that you are expecting. It is therefore not to be dismissed that finding a well-reputed fitness program is necessary.

Understand how the retreat happens

Once you have successfully identified a suitable retreat program that you can take part in, it is important to gain awareness of how such things are conducted. To do so, you must communicate with the experts of the retreat to establish details such as where it will take place, the duration and other questions you may have.


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